Computer Lab

Objective :
To develop ICT savvy students and develop ICT culture in the institution.

Activities : 
The computer lab is well equipped with 40 computers. Each computer is installed with many useful latest softwares which are updated regularly. The lab is also equipped with the LCD projector, sound system.  The student teachers use the computers for their lesson preparation, conducting  lessons and doing their practicals.
The computer lab is utilized by B.Ed, B.A.B.Ed ,M.Ed and M.Phil students.
The batches are arranged for all the students throughout the week.

  • The B.Ed.and B.A.B.Ed  curriculum consists of a compulsory theory paper which  takes into account the various aspects of ICT, and development of   skills required for effective use of computers by the teacher  trainees.
  • A practical called INTEL 10.1 version is compulsory for  all the B.Ed and B.A.B.Ed students.
  • Various skills like using MS Powerpoint, MS Word, creating Blog, using Internet etc. is developed among the students.
  • In   M.Ed. curriculum the students use various technological aid  to conduct their advanced technology lessons, for their research work and also for Open course.  Preparation of Computer Assisted Instruction ( CAI) is also taught to the students so that they can use these instructional methods in their future.
  • The M.Phil students use various technological aids for their presentation and research work.